Effect of a maxillary glossectomy prosthesis on articulation and swallowing.

  title={Effect of a maxillary glossectomy prosthesis on articulation and swallowing.},
  author={J. Wendell Davis and C N Lazarus and Jerilyn Logemann and P S Hurst},
  journal={The Journal of prosthetic dentistry},
  volume={57 6},
Swallowing was found to be substantially improved with the prosthesis. Less aspiration, less time necessary to complete the swallow, and greater variation in food consistency tolerated were all positive results of the prosthesis. In addition, videofluoroscopic studies of tongue movements during speech revealed that tip-alveolar /t-d/ and back-velar /k-g/ productions were more normal with the prosthesis. With the prosthesis, the understandibility of /t/ and /d/ was improved 20% and that of /k… CONTINUE READING

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