Effect of Yoga on the Memory of Middle School Level Students

  title={Effect of Yoga on the Memory of Middle School Level Students},
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Yoga ,the scientific wealth of India, yoga is one of the greatest gift of India to the world.It has been an important part of daily routine for the Indian lifestyle., Today Yoga has become one of the most popular system of health and healing, all over the world. The sample of The present study comprises 40 students of the seventh class from school of Raipur C.G. The pre and post test of experimental and control group design was followed. There were two groups (control group and experimental… 
Effect of yoga practices on educational achievement: A short summary of reviews
Educational achievement refers to a student's success in meeting shortor long-term goals in education. In the big picture, Academic achievement means completing high school or earning a college
The Effect of Hatha yoga exercises training on executive functions (attention, concentration and working memory) of students with writing disorders
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Effect of Short Term Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy on Memory Scores in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients
Short term Integrated yoga practices can improve memory scores of diabetics and play a vital role in managing the mental health of diabetic patients.


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