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Effect of Whole Beetroot on Muscular Endurance and Power in Powerlifters and Physique Competitors

  title={Effect of Whole Beetroot on Muscular Endurance and Power in Powerlifters and Physique Competitors},
  author={J. H. Jewett},

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Effect of Acute Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Bench Press Power, Velocity, and Repetition Volume.
Results indicate that acute BRJ supplementation positively impacts velocity, power, and total repetitions during free-weight bench press exercise. Expand


The effects of a single dose of concentrated beetroot juice on performance in trained flatwater kayakers.
Despite a reduction in VO2, BR ingestion appears to have no effect on repeated supramaximal sprint or 1 km TT kayaking performance, and a smaller elevation in plasma nitrite following a single dose of nitrate may partly account for these findings. Expand
Nitrate supplementation's improvement of 10-km time-trial performance in trained cyclists.
Six days of nitrate supplementation reduced VO₂ during submaximal exercise and improved time-trial performance in trained cyclists. Expand
No Improvement in Endurance Performance Following a Single Dose of Beetroot Juice
  • Int. J. Sport Nutr Exerc Metab
  • 2012
Dietary nitrate supplementation reduces the O2 cost of low-intensity exercise and enhances tolerance to high-intensity exercise in humans.
The reduced O2 cost of exercise following increased dietary nitrate intake has important implications for the understanding of the factors that regulate mitochondrial respiration and muscle contractile energetics in humans. Expand
Beetroot juice and exercise: pharmacodynamic and dose-response relationships.
There is no additional improvement in exercise tolerance after ingesting BR containing 16.8 compared with 8.4 mmol NO3(-). Expand
Dietary nitrate supplementation improves team sport-specific intense intermittent exercise performance
The findings suggest that NO3− supplementation may promote NO production via the nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway and enhance Yo–Yo IR1 test performance, perhaps by facilitating greater muscle glucose uptake or by better maintaining muscle excitability. Expand
Dietary nitrate does not enhance running performance in elite cross-country skiers.
Acute ingestion of dietary nitrate may not represent an effective strategy for reducing the oxygen cost of submaximal exercise or for enhancing endurance exercise performance in highly trained cross-country skiers. Expand
Dietary nitrate supplementation improves rowing performance in well-trained rowers.
Conclusively, nitrate supplementation in the form of BR juice resulted in improved maximal rowing-ergometer repetitions, particularly in the later stages of exercise. Expand
Acute dietary nitrate supplementation improves cycling time trial performance.
It is suggested that acute dietary nitrate supplementation with 0.5 L of BR improves cycling economy, as demonstrated by a higher PO for the same VO2 and enhances both 4- and 16.1-km cycling TT performance. Expand
Dietary nitrate reduces muscle metabolic perturbation and improves exercise tolerance in hypoxia
It is shown that dietary supplementation with inorganic nitrate reduces markers of muscle fatigue and improves high‐intensity exercise tolerance in healthy adults inhaling air containing 14.5% O2. Expand