Effect of Transition Curvature and Track Edge Fluctuation on Track Edge Noise for Narrow Track Recording

  title={Effect of Transition Curvature and Track Edge Fluctuation on Track Edge Noise for Narrow Track Recording},
  author={Masato Shiimoto and Hiroyuki Katada and Yosuke Urakami and Mitsuhiro Hashimoto and Mikito Sugiyama and Takeshi Nakagawa and Takayuki Ichihara and Kazuhiro Nakamoto},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
We investigated the effect of track edge noise on transition curvature and track edge fluctuation through experiments and calculations. We measured and calculated two types of recording heads that had similar magnetic write widths, but different transition curvatures. In both the measurements and calculations, track edge noise increased more at high linear density with head with larger transition curvature. This was due to wider erase band, which is considered to be noise source at the track… CONTINUE READING


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