Effect of Strontium Doping on Magnetic Properties of Neodymium Orthoferrimanganites


Copyright 1996-2012 Researchpub.org. All rights Reserved. 18 Abstract— The effect of strontium dopping on magnetic properties of neodymium orthoferrimanganites have been investigated using neutron diffraction and MÖssbauer spectroscopy. All samples prepared using solid state reaction from pure oxides. The XRD reflections exhibited single phase structure of both samples. The neutron diffraction ND patterns, using multi detector diffractometer, of NdFe0.6Mn0.4O3 showed that it has non-colinear (weak fertromagnetic) magnetic ordering at 114 K. Transition from noncollinear to paramagnetic ocuured near room temperature. The neutron diffraction ND patterns of the Nd0.65Sr0.35Fe0.6Mn0.4O3 sample, at different temperatures (120 K, 287 K and 520 K) showed that this compound has ferromagnetic character at 120 K and 287 K temperatures. Mossbauer spectra at high temperatures confirmed ND measurements.

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