Effect of Soy Cheese and Trisodium Citrate on Pizza Cheese

  title={Effect of Soy Cheese and Trisodium Citrate on Pizza Cheese},
  author={Reza Farahmandfar and Mostafa Mazaheri Tehrani and Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi and Mohammad Bagher Habibi Najafi},
  journal={International Journal of Food Engineering},
The effects of soy cheese (tofu) and trisodium citrate concentration on the organoleptic characteristics of pizza cheese were studied. Flavor, texture, stretchability, appearance, and overall acceptability of pizza cheese samples decreased significantly with increased proportion of soy cheese. Statistically, the color of cheese samples made from different blends of tofu and trisodium citrate was similar to that in the control sample. Stretchability, appearance, and overall acceptability of… 

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Effect of soy cheese and trisodium citrate concentration on meltability properties of pizza cheese
  • International Journal of Food Properties
  • 2010