Effect of Slip Parameter on the Flow of Viscous Fluid Past an Impervious Sphere

  title={Effect of Slip Parameter on the Flow of Viscous Fluid Past an Impervious Sphere},
  author={J. V. Ramana Murthy and Meduri Phani Kumar},
  journal={International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering},
  • J. MurthyMeduri Phani Kumar
  • Published 1 September 2014
  • Mathematics, Engineering
  • International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering
In this paper, the uniform flow of an incompressible, axi-symmetric, viscous fluid over a stationary impervious sphere with interface slip on its surface is considered. "Homotopy Analysis Method" (HAM) is used to solve the non linear momentum equations for stream function. To match with the uniform flow far away from the sphere, stream function is taken in terms of Gegenbauer polynomials. The solution obtained is found to be convergent and is seen to be in good agreement with the results… 

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