Effect of Se doping in recently discovered layered Bi4O4S3 superconductor

  title={Effect of Se doping in recently discovered layered Bi4O4S3 superconductor},
  author={Rajveer Jha and V. P. S. Awana},
  journal={Physica C-superconductivity and Its Applications},
  • R. Jha, V. Awana
  • Published 1 November 2013
  • Materials Science, Physics
  • Physica C-superconductivity and Its Applications
Abstract We report suppression of superconductivity in Bi 4 O 4 S 3 compound by Se doping at S site. Bulk polycrystalline samples are synthesized by solid state reaction route. The Rietveld refined of XRD data of all the studied samples show that the same are crystallized in tetragonal I 4/ mmm space group with slightly increased c lattice constant with the Se doping. Superconductivity is observed at below 4.5 K in both dc magnetization and resistivity with temperature measurements for all Bi 4… Expand
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Bismuth oxysulfide samples of composition Bi4−xCaxO4S3(0 <x <1) were synthesized by solid-state reaction method. The samples with x = 0 and 0.25 show superconducting transition with Tc (zero) 3.3 andExpand
Effects of stoichiometric doping in superconducting Bi-O-S compounds.
It is demonstrated that the S2 layers dope the bismuth-sulphur bands and this causes metallisation, and it is shown that spin-orbit coupling does not have any significant effect on the states close to the Fermi level at the energy scale considered. Expand
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Appearance and disappearance of superconductivity in SmFe1−xNixAsO (x = 0.0–1.0)
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Bulk superconductivity in bismuth oxysulfide Bi4O4S3.
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Effects of stoichiometric doping in superconducting Bi-O-S compounds.
It is demonstrated that the S2 layers dope the bismuth-sulphur bands and this causes metallisation, and it is shown that spin-orbit coupling does not have any significant effect on the states close to the Fermi level at the energy scale considered. Expand
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Stacking variants and superconductivity in the Bi-O-S system.
The identification and basic properties of two new ternary Bi-O-S compounds, Bi2OS2 and Bi3O2S3 are reported; the former is non-superconducting; the latter likely explains the superconductivity at T(c) = 4.5 K previously reported in "Bi4O4S3". Expand