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Effect of Scope Creep in Software Projects – Its Bearing on Critical Success Factors

  title={Effect of Scope Creep in Software Projects – Its Bearing on Critical Success Factors},
  author={K. Lakshmi Madhuri and Jawahar J. Rao and Suma},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
  • K. MadhuriJ. RaoSuma
  • Published 18 November 2014
  • Engineering
  • International Journal of Computer Applications
Quality software is developed only when project management techniques are meticulous followed. Various metrics are introduced by the industry experts to execute perfect project management. The success rate of the projects is very meek when compared to efforts and expertise of the technical experts. Various reasons pitch in the scenario when the project failure reasons are searched. Scope creep is considered as one of the important factor which influences the success of project. The influence of… 

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Project management strategies are a part of every organisation as developing high quality customer satisfied software is always one of the challenges for any software organisation. Though the scope

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PurposeProject scope creep is a nightmare and nearly intolerable task. Most project managers struggle to curtail the expanse and degree of scope creep. This study examines different likely project

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This study aims to enhance the traditional EVM by incorporating scope into it and extracts the effects of project scope changes with Software Project Scope Rating Index elements, and quantifies the extracted effects and integrate them with EVM.

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The main goal of the paper is to identify and present the tools with which Project Managers have more opportunities to solve project-planning problems successfully. We created an overview of project

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A conceptual model for scope creep is proposed to assist the agile practitioners to effectively handle the scope creep, which ultimately increases the project success and forecasts change control effect on a software project.



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Effective project management is influenced by several factors such as scope creep, time, cost, number of personnel and complexity of project and so on. However, existing project management strategies

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A case study of three leading software industries which follows agile and perspective approaches for their software development process indicates that scope creep is highly influencing other project success modulation factors such as cost, time and henceforth the quality of software whenever projects are developed using traditional models.

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Background: Software Development Process is a human-centered activity. This fact highlights the impact of human factors on the development process and performance from different perspectives. Aim:

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  • M. IqbalM. Rizwan
  • Computer Science
    2009 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies
  • 2009
The main research work is to improve the work-task part of the software process (i.e. software process models) by applying the Pareto Principle - 80/20 Rule (1935) (or law of vital few) in the software engineering process models (or work- task part ofThe software process).

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A snapshot of the current level of project management maturity-among industries based on 42 detailed components of maturity is provided and it is concluded that with few exceptions, there is not a significant difference in project management mature between industries.

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Overall, the best predictor of project success was that the requirements were good together with the requirements was managed effectively, and effective project management is fundamental to effective requirements engineering.


  • Engineering
  • 2005
1. Executive Summary This case study is a follow-up to the British Computer Society (BCS) Royal Academy of Engineering report " The Challenges of Complex IT Projects " , and the 2005 " Case Study of

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The main reported benefits of using the Kanban method were improved lead time to deliver software, improved quality of software,improved communication and coordination, increased consistency of delivery, and decreased customer reported defects.

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YOUR ORGANIZATION—WHETHER business, governmental, or nonprofit—likely needs to be able to create value by building, customizing, and using software. Without software, your ability to achieve your