Effect of RF inhomogeneity upon quantitative solid-state NMR measurements

  title={Effect of RF inhomogeneity upon quantitative solid-state NMR measurements},
  author={Greg C. Campbell and Laurine G. Galya and Alvin J. Beeler and Alan D. English},
  • Greg C. Campbell, Laurine G. Galya, +1 author Alan D. English
  • Published 1995
  • Chemistry
  • Abstract Spin counting in solid-state NMR spectroscopy requires the use of a reference standard to calibrate the magnetization detected from the unknown material. Quantitation is performed by a direct comparison of standard and unknown peak integrals that are simultaneously acquired under conditions which account for any differing relaxation behavior. Such a straightforward analysis is complicated by RF inhomogeneity effects inherent in the designs of all commercial MAS NMR probes currently… CONTINUE READING

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