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Effect of Processing on the Proximate and Mineral Composition of Archachatina marginata and Achatina achatina

  title={Effect of Processing on the Proximate and Mineral Composition of Archachatina marginata and Achatina achatina},
  author={Friday Effiong Uboh and Ima O. Williams and Nessie C. Essien},
  journal={Food and Public Health},
Proximate and mineral nutrients composition of boiled and roasted samples of two African giant land snails Archachatina marginata and Achatina achatina were assessed in this study. The study aimed at investigating the effect of two cultural methods of preparing snails for consumption in Nigeria (boiling and roasting) on the nutritional quality of the snail meat. Proximate analysis was carried out following the methods of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists, while mineral nutrients… Expand

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