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Effect of Process Parameters on Delamination, Thrust force and Torque in Drilling of Carbon Fiber Epoxy Composite

  title={Effect of Process Parameters on Delamination, Thrust force and Torque in Drilling of Carbon Fiber Epoxy Composite},
  author={N. Shetty and M. Herbert and D. Shetty and Raviraj Shetty and B. Shivamurthy},
Drilling is the most frequently used machining process for carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite laminates owing to the need for structural joining. Delamination is a major problem associated with drilling of CFRP composites. Therefore, it is important to investigate and minimize the drilling induced delamination that can affect structural integrity of materials, assembly tolerance, mechanical properties of produced parts, and the quality of drilled holes. Thrust force has been… Expand
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