Effect of PGE1 on PGF2 alpha-induced luteolysis in nonbred ewes.

  title={Effect of PGE1 on PGF2 alpha-induced luteolysis in nonbred ewes.},
  author={Lawrence P Reynolds and J W Stigler and G L Hoyer and Ronald R Magness and John M. Huie and Thomas P. Huecksteadt and G L Whysong and Harold R. Behrman and Charles W Weems},
  volume={21 6},
Fifty-six ewes were used to study the effects of PGE1 or PGE2 plus PGF2 alpha given into the perivascular space of the ovarian vascular pedicle on luteal function of nonbred ewes. All ewes receiving PGF2 alpha had reduced levels of plasma progesterone and unoccupied receptors for LH at 24 hr after treatment regardless even if they received PGE1 or PGE2 concomitantly. Levels of plasma progesterone in ewes receiving only PGF2 apha were reduced further at 48 hour. Plasma progesterone and… CONTINUE READING

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