Effect of Ozone Therapy Dressing Technique on the Healing Process of Recent 2nd Degree Burns

  title={Effect of Ozone Therapy Dressing Technique on the Healing Process of Recent 2nd Degree Burns},
  author={Journals Iosr and Elana Aziza and Mostafa Mohamed Eweda Soheir and E Aida and Mahmoud kholosy Hassan},
Burn injuries are one of the major health problems throughout the world. The problem of infection in burn wound is considered the cause of death in burned patients. Aim of the study: To determine the effectiveness of ozone therapy dressing technique on the healing process of recent 2nd degree burns. Material and Methods: A convenience sample of 40 burned patients second burn wound injuries included in the study, they were divided randomly into two groups: study and control group, 20 patients in… Expand
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Ozone water is able to stimulate and quicken the healing process for wounds and reduce the inflammation of the tooth socket in post posterior tooth extraction. Expand
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The findings of the study revealed that when increase BMI, TBSA and IV fluid increase IAP, patients with >20% TBSA burned presented a very high prevalence of Intra-abdominal hypertension. Expand


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Ozone is low in cost and high in effect which might be used as an agent for burn wound disinfection. Expand
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There is a paucity of high-quality evidence regarding the effect of different dressings on the healing of superficial and partial thickness burn injuries and silver sulphadiazine was consistently associated with poorer healing outcomes than biosynthetic (skin substitute) dressings, silver-containing dressings and silicon-coated dressings. Expand
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Therapeutic measures positively influencing the pathophysiological processes in a burn wound are discussed and attempts to reduce the secondary tissue loss concentrate on the zone of stasis, which is considered as potentially reversible. Expand
The challenge of wound care within the primary care setting relates to two key areas: healing or managing symptoms. While the objective would ideally be healing, chronic wound management hinges onExpand
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Wound healing is a complex process that started to be fully understood only in recent years and recent research has been directed to act in the nutrition modulation of the healing process. Expand
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