Effect of Mucuna pruriens on oxidative stress mediated damage in aged rat sperm.

  title={Effect of Mucuna pruriens on oxidative stress mediated damage in aged rat sperm.},
  author={Sekar Suresh and Elumalai Prithiviraj and Seppan Prakash},
  journal={International journal of andrology},
  volume={33 1},
Mucuna pruriens Linn., a leguminous plant, has been recognized as an aphrodisiac and spermatogenic agent. Protective efficacy of M. pruriens on reactive oxygen species (ROS)-induced pathophysiological alterations in structural and functional integrity of epididymal sperm in aged Wister albino rat was analysed. Animals were grouped as groups I, II, III and IV, i.e. young (control), aged, aged treated with ethanolic extract (200 mg/kg b.w.) of M. pruriens and young rats treated with M. pruriens… 

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Mucuna pruriens and Its Major Constituent L-DOPA Recover Spermatogenic Loss by Combating ROS, Loss of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential and Apoptosis

This is the first study demonstrating that L-DOPA largely accounts for pro-spermatogenic properties of M. pruriens, and simplified the complexity of mechanism involved and provided meaningful insights into MP/LD mediated correction of spermatogenesis impairment caused by estrogens exposure.

Effect of Mucuna pruriens (Linn.) on oxidative stress-induced structural alteration of corpus cavernosum in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat.

The ethanolic extract of M. pruriens seed significantly recovered or protected erectile tissue from the oxidative stress-induced degeneration by its antioxidant potentials and propound to serve mankind by the treatment of diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction.

Effect of Mucuna pruriens (Linn.) on sexual behavior and sperm parameters in streptozotocin-induced diabetic male rat.

The present work reveals the potential efficacy of ethanolic seed extract of M. pruriens to improve male sexual behavior with androgenic and antidiabetic effects in the STZ-induced diabetic male rats.

Fertility Enhancing Potential of Mucuna pruriens Seeds in Female Sprague-Dawley Rats

The effect of oral administration of methanolic seed extract of Mucuna pruriens on oestrous cycle, ovulation, reproductive hormones and oxidative stress in the ovary of cyclic Sprague-Dawley rats was determined.

Therapeutic potential of Mucuna pruriens (Linn.) on ageing induced damage in dorsal nerve of the penis and its implication on erectile function: an experimental study using albino rats

The results indicate a multi-factorial therapeutic activity in penile innervations towards sustaining the penile erection in the presence of the extract in aged rats and justifying the claim of traditional usage.

Anti-Oxidative Effects of Rooibos Tea (Aspalathus linearis) on Immobilization-Induced Oxidative Stress in Rat Brain

Rooibos tea’s ability to reverse the increase in stress-related metabolites, prevent lipid peroxidation, and restore stress-induced protein degradation is demonstrated by its ability to modulate changes in the activities of antioxidant enzymes.



Effect of the alcohol extract of the seeds of Mucuna pruriens on free radicals and oxidative stress in albino rats

It could be concluded that the alcohol extract of the seeds of M. pruriens has an antilipid peroxidation property, which is mediated through the removal of superoxides and hydroxyl radicals.

Extraction of bioactive principles from Mucuna pruriens seeds.

Attempts were made to develop the suitable method(s) for extraction of L-DOPA/other active components from the seeds using different solvents and TLC and HPLC fingerprinting of the extracts for amino acid components were developed for preliminary and sophisticated analysis.

Mucuna pruriens Reduces Stress and Improves the Quality of Semen in Infertile Men

It may be concluded that M. pruriens not only reactivates the anti-oxidant defense system of infertile men but it also helps in the management of stress and improves semen quality.

Spermatozoa have decreased antioxidant enzymatic capacity and increased reactive oxygen species production during aging in the Brown Norway rat.

A decreased capacity for aged spermatozoa to handle oxidative stress is suggested and a novel potential mechanism that may explain the previously noted decreased levels of protamine disulfide bonds in aged sperm nuclei is identified.

Reactive oxygen species and human spermatozoa: physiology and pathology.

This review focuses on the nature and source of the ROS generated by human spermataozoa as well as their operational mechanisms and their effects, which may be detrimental or beneficial.

Reactive oxygen species and human spermatozoa. I. Effects on the motility of intact spermatozoa and on sperm axonemes.

The data suggest that ROS induce a chain of events leading to sperm immobilization, that axonemes are affected, and that limited endogenous repair mechanisms exist to reverse these damages.

Vitamin C: basic metabolism and its function as an index of oxidative stress.

  • S. Kojo
  • Biology
    Current medicinal chemistry
  • 2004
Vitamin C (ASC) is well known as an outstanding antioxidant in animal tissues. This concept is reviewed from a chemical standpoint, starting from a chemical view of radical reactions in the cell.