Effect of Modified Atmospheres on Proteolysis and Fermentation of Ensiled Alfalfa 1

  title={Effect of Modified Atmospheres on Proteolysis and Fermentation of Ensiled Alfalfa 1},
  author={N F Makoni and Glen A. Broderick and Richard E. Muck},
Two studies evaluated the proteolysis of alfalfa that was ensiled in laboratory silos under different modified atmospheres. In the first study, fourthcutting alfalfa was ensiled at 25% dry matter (DM) for 28 d. The forage treatments were a modified atmosphere of 3% O2:20% CO2:77% N2, or formic acid (6 ml/kg of fresh weight); an untreated control was used for comparison. Proteolysis was assessed from the concentrations of NH3 N, free amino acid (AA) N, and nonprotein N (NPN). Peptide N was… CONTINUE READING


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