Effect of Midurethral Sling Surgery on Vaginal Sensation.


INTRODUCTION Previous studies have reported changes in the sensory functioning of the vagina in women with pelvic floor disorder. AIM To evaluate vaginal and clitoral sensation before and after surgery with trans-obturator tape (TVT-O, Ethicon Johnson & Johnson). METHODS Quantitative sensory thresholds for warm, cold, and vibratory sensations were measured at the vagina and clitoris 1 day before and 12 ± 4 months after surgery. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Differences in thresholds to warm, cold, and vibratory sensations at a predetermined anatomic area of the genital region. RESULTS Twenty-two women were admitted for midurethral sling surgery, and four were lost to follow-up. For the remaining 18 (mean age = 52 years, range = 37-65), we found a significant sensory decrease at the clitoral region to cold, warm, and vibratory stimuli after surgery. In contrast, in the anterior vaginal wall, there was a significant decrease only to warm stimuli after surgery. CONCLUSION TVT-O can cause sensory loss in the clitoral and anterior vaginal wall region that can be measured and quantified. The effect of such sensory loss on sexual function and quality of sexual life needs further investigation.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jsxm.2016.01.006

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