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Effect of Meloidogyne incognita population on black pepper.

  title={Effect of Meloidogyne incognita population on black pepper.},
  author={P. K. Koshy and Devidas Premachandran and Varghese K. Sosamma and T. Premkumar},
  journal={Indian phytopathology},

Plant-parasitic nematodes and yellowing of leaves associated with black pepper plants in Vietnam

A positive relationship between the soil and root population densities of M. incognita on black pepper plants and percentage of plants with yellow leaves was observed, and previous reports that Radopholus similis does not occur in Vietnam are reconfirmed.

Microbial control: A potential tool for management of plant parasitic nematodes in black pepper (Piper nigrum L.)

Fungal pathogens and bacterial pathogens have been studied and proved as potential agents for microbial control of plant parasitic nematodes in black pepper and the different microbial agents to manage plant parasitic Nematodes are discussed.

Plant Health Management in Major Spice Crops

Adoption of integrated pest management schedules is important in these crops since excessive use of pesticides could lead to pesticide residues in the produce affecting human health and also causing other ecological hazards.