Effect of Low-Temperature Storage on Diaeretiella rapae (McIntosh) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

  title={Effect of Low-Temperature Storage on Diaeretiella rapae (McIntosh) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)},
  author={Robson J Silva and Francisco Jorge Cividanes and Elizabeth C Pedroso and Jos{\'e} Carlos Barbosa and Daniela Matta and Ezequias T Correia and A K Otuka},
  journal={Neotropical Entomology},
We evaluated the effects of constant low-temperature storage on Diaeretiella rapae (McIntosh) (Braconidae, Aphidiinae). Diaeretiella rapae mummies were stored at 5 ± 1°C for 0–36 days. The percentage of D. rapae emergence varied (100-83%) after 0–32 days of storage. After 32 days, emergence reduced to 55%. According to our Probit analysis, 50% mortality (LT50) of the population of D. rapae was reached after 40 days of storage at 5°C. Storage for up to 32 days did not negatively affect emergence… CONTINUE READING

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