Effect of Lanthanum Addition on Grain Refinement and Mechanical Properties of Mg–9Li–3Al Alloy

  title={Effect of Lanthanum Addition on Grain Refinement and Mechanical Properties of Mg–9Li–3Al Alloy},
  author={P. Dinesh and S. P. Kumareshbabu and S. Natarajan},
  journal={Metals and Materials International},
Abstract The impact of lanthanum addition on the microstructural changes and mechanical characteristics of Mg–9Li–3Al + xLa alloys are studied. The alloys are fabricated through a liquid metallurgy route involving stir casting by an electrical resistance furnace. The microstructural analysis showed that the as-cast alloys primarily comprises of α-Mg and β-Li phases. Irregular distribution of Al–Li lamellar and some granular fragments MgLi 2 Al observed over the magnesium-rich α-phase and… Expand
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