Effect of L-carnitine on cultured murine melanoma cells exposed to azelaic acid.

  title={Effect of L-carnitine on cultured murine melanoma cells exposed to azelaic acid.},
  author={Barbara J. Ward and A. S. Breathnach and E J Robins and Y P Bhasin and L B Ethridge and M. Nazzaro‐Porro and S J Passi},
  journal={The Journal of investigative dermatology},
  volume={86 4},
The cytotoxic effect of azelaic acid on murine melanoma cells in culture is due, at least in part, to an antimitochondrial action. We investigated the possibility that the addition of carnitine to the medium may increase the transport of azelaic acid into the mitochondria and thereby increase its cytotoxic effect. Using mitochondrial cross-sectional area measured from electron micrographs as a criterion for mitochondrial damage, we found that the addition of L-carnitine to the culture medium… 

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Topical azelaic acid, employed either as monotherapy or in combination with other treatments, is likely to prove of value in the management of acne and several hyperpigmentary disorders, most notably melasma.



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It is concluded that dicarboxylic acids have a direct inhibitory and cytotoxic effect on abnormally active or structurally disordered melanocytes in lentigo maligna, but further investigations are required to establish their precise mode of action.

Analytical, ultrastructural, autoradiographic and biochemical studies on [3H]dicarboxylic acid added to cultures of melanoma cells

The results suggest that the toxicity of dicarboxylic acids in melanoma cells is not related to anti‐tyrosinase activity but may be due to interference with oxidoreductase enzymes in the mitochondria and possibly to inhibition of DNA synthesis in the nucleus.

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