Effect of Intraperitoneal Curcumin Instillation on Postoperative Peritoneal Adhesions

  title={Effect of Intraperitoneal Curcumin Instillation on Postoperative Peritoneal Adhesions},
  author={Ahmet T{\"u}rkoğlu and Mesut G{\"u}l and Hatice Yuksel and Ulaş Alabalık and Burak Veli {\"U}lger and Omer Uslukaya and Yahya Avcı},
  booktitle={Medical Principles and Practice},
Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the effect of curcumin on adhesion formation in a rat cecum abrasion model. Materials and Methods: Thirty Wistar rats were randomized into three groups; the control group received saline, the curcumin group received 10 mg/kg of curcumin after cecal abrasion, and in the sham group the abdominal wall was closed without any abrasion to the cecum. On day 15, adhesions were assessed blindly using a standardized scale, and histopathological samples… CONTINUE READING


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duction of postsurgical adhesions in a rat model : a comparative study

Türkoğlu Gül Yuksel Alabalik Ülger Uslukaya, O Irkorucu, Z Ferahköşe, L Memiş
  • Clinics ( Sao Paulo )
  • 2009