Effect of Hydrocortisone on Thyroid Structure in Albino Mice

  title={Effect of Hydrocortisone on Thyroid Structure in Albino Mice},
  author={L. Babikian},
IT has been shown that adult male albino mice on ad libitum diet as well as on restricted isocaloric diet treated with certain doses of hydrocortisone have more fat in their depots than the controls1,2. One of the possible causes for this may be a depression of thyroid and a consequent lowering of the metabolic rate. There have been a number of investigations on the effect of ACTH and glucocorticoids on thyroid function in various laboratory, dairy, and Wild animals, the results of which… Expand
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Effect of thyroidectomy on the postnatal fate of the extra-adrenal chromaffin tissue of the rat.
No significant difference in the postnatal disappearance of extra-adrenal chromaffin cells was observed between the thyroidectomized and normal unoperated controls, and cortisone administration sufficient to in- crease the amount ofExtra-Adrenal Chromaffin tissue did not much inactivate the thyroid, as judged histologically. Expand


Effect of Hydrocortisone, Corticosterone, and Cortisone on Visceral and Total Body Fat in Albino Mice
TE TE outcome of investigations on a number of avian and mammalian species indicate that the glucocorticoids have a role in the deposition and mobilization of visceral and total body fat. The resultsExpand
The effect of massive cortisone therapy on measurements of thyroid function.
The purpose of this study was to observe the development, extent and duration of the suppression of radioiodine uptake, the changes in PBI, and, to a lesser extent, theChanges in serum cholesterol which might be produced by massive cortisone administration in man. Expand
Comparison of the effects of thiouracil, thyroxine and cortisone on the thyroid function of rabbits
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The effects of continued doses of thiouracil, thyroxine and cortisone on the uptake and discharge of radio-iodine by the thyroid are compared in the experiments described below. Expand
The effect of cortisone on the iodine accumulating function of the thyroid gland in euthyroid subjects.
The pathologic changes observed in patients who have died of thyrotoxicosis—enlargement of the thymus, diffuse lymphoid hyperplasia and small adrenal cortices—are cited as evidence suggestive of adrenal cortical insufficiency. Expand
Effect of Hydrocortisone, Corticosterone, and Cortisone on Fat Depots in Mice on Restricted Diet
The appetite-stimulating effect of ACTH and cortisone has often been observed in human patients suffering with a variety of diseases and a number of observations have also been made. Expand
Effect of Glucocorticoids on Thyroid Function of Cattle
It is suggested that cattle with low thyroxine secretion rate, which is further depressed by increased secretion of hydrocortisone associated with parturition, would show low PBI and high 17-hydroxy-corticosteroid values characteristic of cows with ketosis. Expand
The response of the thyroid gland of the guinea‐pig to stress
The effect of various experimental procedures on the rate of release of thyroidal 1311 in the guinea-pig has been examined, and the resuilts are presented here. Expand
Genesis of the adrenocortical secretion.