Effect of Ground Slope, Stump Diameter, and Species on Stump Height for Feller-Buncher and Chainsaw Felling

  title={Effect of Ground Slope, Stump Diameter, and Species on Stump Height for Feller-Buncher and Chainsaw Felling},
  author={H Han and Chad Renzie},
  journal={International Journal of Forest Engineering},
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  • H. Han, Chad Renzie
  • Published 1 June 2005
  • Environmental Science
  • International Journal of Forest Engineering
Abstract Stump heights were measured on six clear-cut blocks in the central interior of British Columbia using a systematic sampling method. Felling method, ground slope, species and stump diameter were analyzed to determine their effect on stump height. Mechanized felling with a feller-buncher resulted in lower stumps by 5.5 cm on average than those from manual felling with a chainsaw. The wide range (9.6 cm to 23.4 cm) of the average stump heights sampled from six clear-cut units indicates… Expand
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Mechanized coppice harvesting with new small-scale feller-bunchers: results from harvesting trials with newly manufactured felling heads in Italy.
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