Effect of Exogenous Enzyme in Diet on Broiler Performance

  title={Effect of Exogenous Enzyme in Diet on Broiler Performance},
  author={. M.J.Alam and . M.A.R.Howlider and . M.A.H.Pramanik and . M.A.Haque},
3 Abstract: A total of 144 day-old straight run Arbor Acres broiler chicks were fed on 4 iso-nitrogenous and iso- energetic diets; starter control contained 22.1% CP and 2924 Kcal/kg ME and finisher control had 19.25% CP and 3005 Kcal/kg ME. In three test diets exogenous Alquerzim (1g/kg), Roxazyme-G (0.01g/kg) and Feedzyme (0.05g/kg) were supplemented to control diet to observe whether addition exogenous enzyme improves efficiency of broiler production. The growth rate, feed intake, feed… CONTINUE READING