Effect of Ephedrine on Onset of Action of Rocuronium


The purpose of this study is to assess the effects of ephedrine on onset time of rocuronium, by comparing onset time when using rocuronium alone and with priming with rocuronium. In this randomized clinical trial, 120 patients with the American Anesthesiologists Society (ASA) class I/II who required laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation for elective surgery were assigned to 4 groups. Priming dose of 0.04mg/kg rocuronium was given in group-P and groupPE. Inj. Ephedrine 0.2mg/kg I.V was given to group-E and group-PE. NPE group received no priming and no ephedrine. Patients were intubated after 30 seconds and intubating conditions graded according to the criteria of Cooper et al. Intubating conditions were clinically acceptable in all patients of the PE group compared to 2/28 of P, 2/29 of E, and 10/29 of the NPE groups (p<0.05) vs. PE. The combination of ephedrine and propofol significantly improved clinical intubating conditions 30 seconds after priming with rocuronium, compared to priming without ephedrine, ephedrine without priming, and propofolalone.

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