Effect of Environment on Creep Crack Growth in PM/HIP René-95

  title={Effect of Environment on Creep Crack Growth in PM/HIP Ren{\'e}-95},
  author={Kenneth Rees Bain and Regis M. N. Pelloux},
  journal={Metallurgical Transactions A},
The creep crack growth rates (CCGR) of PM/HIP René-95 were measured from 10-9 m per second to 10-4 m per second in air and in high purity argon at 760°C and 650°C using single edge notched (SEN) specimens. The crack length was monitored by the D.C. potential difference technique. The data were reported asda/dt vs the elastic stress intensity factor,K,, since PM/HIP René-95 is a creep-brittle material. The CCGR were shown to be strongly environment sensitive. The CCGR were up to 1000 times… CONTINUE READING


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