Effect of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings on Ball Bearing Performance in Normal, Oil-Starved, and Debris-Damaged Conditions

  title={Effect of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings on Ball Bearing Performance in Normal, Oil-Starved, and Debris-Damaged Conditions},
  author={Kalyan C. Mutyala and Harpal Singh and Ryan D. Evans and Gary Lynn Doll},
  journal={Tribology Transactions},
  pages={1039 - 1047}
ABSTRACT In this study, a process was developed to deposit wear-resistant metal-doped diamond-like amorphous hydrocarbon and carbon coatings onto spherical rolling elements. Nanocomposite WC/a-C:H, TiC/a-C, and Ti/a-C:H coatings were applied in a closed-field unbalanced magnetron sputtering system and their mechanical, compositional, and microstructural properties were examined. The ability of the coated spherical rolling elements to affect bearing performance in normal, oil-starved, and debris… 
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