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Effect of Dam Construction on Lake Urmia: Time Series Analysis of Water Level via ARIMA

  title={Effect of Dam Construction on Lake Urmia: Time Series Analysis of Water Level via ARIMA},
  author={Maryam Ghashghaie and Hamed Nozari},
  journal={Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology},
Lake Urmia is one of the water bodies that face severe drought conditions nowadays. Therefore, the present study aimed to study monthly time series of the lake water level. Modeling the series was accomplished in two ways. First, all data were used to analyze the water level time series of the lake. Although the results of generating were quite well, the results of validity test were not satisfying. Second, only water level data after the year 1995 were used, which showed a continuously… 

Short-Term River Flood Forecasting Using Composite Models and Automated Machine Learning: The Case Study of Lena River

The paper presents a hybrid approach for short-term river flood forecasting. It is based on multi-modal data fusion from different sources (weather stations, water height sensors, remote sensing

Capacity Requirements Planning in Water Injection Plant (WIP) Facilities of the Exploration Wells at Oil Company

In production wells, in line with the production time there is a decrease in reservoir pressure and this condition causes a reduction in the economic value of the well. The problem of wells that have

Uncertainty Analysis of Reservoir Operation Based on Stochastic Optimization Approach Using the Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation Method

This study evaluated the reservoir operation for effective water allocation under uncertainty using linear programming (the water evaluation and planning model: WEAP) and evolutionary optimization

Studying the Changes in the Hydro‐Meteorological Components of Water Budget in Lake Urmia

Abrupt changes in the Lake Urmia water level have been addressed in many studies, and yet the link between the water level decline and hydro‐meteorological variables in the basin is a major topic for

Drought prediction models driven by meteorological and remote sensing data in Guanzhong Area, China

Drought is an important factor that limits economic and social development due to its frequent occurrence and profound influence. Therefore, it is of great significance to make accurate predictions



Determining the Main Factors in Declining the Urmia Lake Level by Using System Dynamics Modeling

Urmia Lake in Iran is the second largest saline lake in the world. This ecosystem is the home for different species. Due to various socio-economical and ecological criteria, Urmia Lake has important

The Impact of Climate Change on Urmia Lake Water Level

The Urmia Lake is one of the largest and most important natural ecosystems in Iran. Temperature increase, high fluctuation in rainfall, and frequent droughts have caused high fluctuations in the lake

Stochastic modeling of Lake Van water level time series with jumps and multiple trends

In the 1990s, water level in the closed-basin Lake Van located in the Eastern Anatolia, Turkey, has risen up about 2 m. Analysis of the hydrometeorological data shows that change in the water level

Observed climate variability and change in Urmia Lake Basin, Iran

This paper analyzes climate variability and change in the Urmia Lake Basin, northwest of Iran. Annual average of the following data time series has been analyzed by statistical methods: dry bulb

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There has been dam building in Iran since Achaemenian times (2500 years ago) as a means to control water streams. While dam building was stopped for a time, other indigenous approaches to water

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A model for predicting the low levels in Lake Chad and a statistical model for describing the probability of the low-level variations at various periods ahead are presented. The first model will

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This study assesses the relationship between short term fluctuations of Lake Erie water levels and the El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) using data collected from May 1978 to May 1997. After