Effect of Cypermethrin and Permethrin on Cholinesterase Activity and Protein Contents in Rana tigrina ( Amphibia )

  title={Effect of Cypermethrin and Permethrin on Cholinesterase Activity and Protein Contents in Rana tigrina ( Amphibia )},
  author={Muhammad Zaheer Khan and R Tabassum and Erum Zehra SHAH and F Tabassum and Imtiaz Ahmad and Farina FATIMA},
The effect of different concentrations (0.1% and 1%) of cypermethrin and permethrin were examined on the kidney and liver of Rana tigrina. After treatment with these pesticides, cholinesterase activity and protein contents were determined, in the kidney and liver. It was observed that protein contents and cholinesterase activities decreased in the treated animals. 

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