Effect of Conductance Variability on Resistor-Logic Demultiplexers for Nanoelectronics

  title={Effect of Conductance Variability on Resistor-Logic Demultiplexers for Nanoelectronics},
  author={P. Kuekes and W. Robinett and R. Williams},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology},
On a mixed-scale nanoelectronic crossbar, in which nanowires cross CMOS-scale wires at right angles, a demultiplexer circuit may be laid out using configurable resistors at the crosspoint junctions. This circuit can function as an interface between conventional CMOS microelectronic circuitry and the smaller nanocircuitry by allowing a few CMOS address lines to control a much larger number of nanowires. The voltage margin properties of these resistor-demultiplexers can be improved by basing them… Expand
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