Effect of Compression Stockings on Running Performance in Men Runners

  title={Effect of Compression Stockings on Running Performance in Men Runners},
  author={Wolfgang Kemmler and Simon von Stengel and Christina K{\"o}ckritz and Jerry Lawrence Mayhew and Alfred Wassermann and J{\"u}rgen Zapf},
  journal={Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research},
Kemmler, W, von Stengel, S, Köckritz, C, Mayhew, J, Wassermann, A, and Zapf, J. Effect of compression stockings on running performance in men runners. J Strength Cond Res 23(1): 101-105, 2009-The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of below-knee compression stockings on running performance in men runners. Using a within-group study design, 21 moderately trained athletes (39.3 ± 10.9 years) without lower-leg abnormities were randomly assigned to perform a stepwise treadmill test up… 

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Results indicate that GCSs reduce the % of HRmax reached during a test at competition pace, and suggest that athletes may possibly need an accommodation period for systematically experiencing the benefits of this garment, but this hypothesis should be further investigated.
Effect of Compression Stockings on Physiological Responses and Running Performance in Division III Collegiate Cross-Country Runners During a Maximal Treadmill Test
It is suggested that CS may not improve running performance, but could lend credence to certain manufacturers' claims of improved recovery through lower BLa values after exercise.
Graduated compression stockings for runners: friend, foe, or fake?
The GCS prevented an increase in leg volume just after the running exercise, however, this result was not accompanied by a reduction in subjective questionnaire-reported leg complaints.
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Based on the results of this study, there were no significant improvements in average 5-km running time, heart rate, or perceived calf MS, however, participants perceived less MS in lower extremities and working harder with CS compared with regular socks.
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It is suggested that the use of a heat dissipating CG may not improve running performance in male recreational runners during a running performance test to exhaustion.
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Examination of the cardiorespiratory responses of GCS during running after three weeks of regular use provides evidence that running with GCS for three weeks does not influence cardiorespiratory parameters in recreational runners.
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These results demonstrate no positive performance effects when wearing graduated CS during power exercise in young trained men.
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The results of the present study support the use of graduated compression tights for maintenance of lower limb muscle power after submaximal endurance running.
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Wearing compression stockings during long-distance running events is an ineffective strategy to avoid the deleterious effects of muscle damage on running performance and to prevent exercise-induced muscle damage during the marathon.


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The purpose of this study was to determine whether compression shorts affected vertical jump performance. Subjects, 18 men and 18 women varsity volleyball players, were thoroughly familiarized
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Wearing graduated compression stockings during a 10-km road run appears to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness after exercise in recreationally active men.
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It was concluded that wearing ECS during an 80-min recovery period significantly increased subsequent performance and was associated with a reduction in lactate and hematocrit.
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The results indicate that compression garments made for longterm wear and commonly worn by athletes and fitness enthusiasts during training and competition do not contribute to any additional fatigue in repetitive high-intensity exercise tasks.
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The elasticity of the compressive garment provides increased flexion and extension torque at the end range of extension and flexion, respectively, and may assist the hamstrings in controlling the leg at theend of the swing phase in sprinting.
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The modified application of APG during walking offers a new noninvasive method for assessment of venous hemodynamics in limbs with CVI, enabling quantification of the actual effect of elastic compression therapy during ambulation.
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Wearing various types of graduated compression hose during the day as it relates to women in standing professions may minimize edema and muscle tissue disruption, thereby increasing comfort in the legs.
Comparison of three types of full-body compression garments on throwing and repeat-sprint performance in cricket players
No benefit was noted when wearing compression garments for repeat-sprint or throwing performance; however, the use of the garments as a recovery tool, when worn after exercise, may be beneficial to reduce postexercise trauma and perceived muscle soreness.
Aerobic energy cost and sensation responses during submaximal running exercise--positive effects of wearing compression tights.
Wearing compression tights during running exercise may enhance overall circulation and decrease muscle oscillation to promote a lower energy expenditure at a given prolonged submaximal speed.