Effect of Cantileverd Bar Length on Strain Around Two and Four-Implants Supporting A Mandibular Over-Denture

  title={Effect of Cantileverd Bar Length on Strain Around Two and Four-Implants Supporting A Mandibular Over-Denture},
  author={M. E. Attar and Faten Salah El Din and Jailan Salem},
Statement of problem: There is little information as to how the cantilevered bar length affect the strain around two and four implants supporting a mandibular over denture Purpose: measure the effect of cantilevered bar length on strain produced around twoimplant and four-implant supporting a mandibular over denture ,and evaluating the amount of stress reaching the supporting structures. Materials and methods: Two root-form implants were placed bilaterally in the canine region of an edentulous… Expand

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