Effect of Cage Enrichment on the Daily Use of Running Wheels by Syrian Hamsters

  title={Effect of Cage Enrichment on the Daily Use of Running Wheels by Syrian Hamsters},
  author={S. G. Reebs and Dominique Maillet},
  journal={Chronobiology International},
  pages={20 - 9}
  • S. G. Reebs, Dominique Maillet
  • Published 2003
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Chronobiology International
  • Institutional animal care committees may one day require for the welfare of captive hamsters more floor space and the introduction of tunnels and toys. As hamsters are popular animal subjects in chronobiological research, and as clock phase is usually measured through running wheel activity, it is important to determine what effect cage enrichment might have on daily wheel use. Here the daily number of wheel revolutions, the daily duration of the running activity phase, the phase relationship… CONTINUE READING
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