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Effect of Cadmium and Magnesium on Microbiological Activity in Soil

  title={Effect of Cadmium and Magnesium on Microbiological Activity in Soil},
  author={Jadwiga Wyszkowska and Mirosław Wyszkowski},
  journal={Polish Journal of Environmental Studies},
The aim of these experiments was to apply magnesium (50 and 100 mg Mg kg -1 soil) to neutralise the potentially negative effects of soil contamination by cadmium (10, 20, 30 and 40 mg Cd kg -1 soil) on the number of some groups of microorganisms. Another objective was to determine the relationship between the number of these microorganisms relative to yield of yellow lupine and some physicochemical properties of soil. Soil contamination with high rates of cadmium (30 and 40 mg Cd kg -1 of soil… Expand

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