Effect of Ca2+ on binding of the calpains to calpastatin.

  title={Effect of Ca2+ on binding of the calpains to calpastatin.},
  author={H P Kapprell and Darrel E. Goll},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={264 30},
Autolyzed mu-calpain, unautolyzed mu-calpain, autolyzed m-calpain, and unautolyzed m-calpain (mu-calpain is the micromolar Ca2+-requiring proteinase, m-calpain is the millimolar Ca2+-requiring proteinase) were passed through a calpastatin-affinity column at different free Ca2+ concentrations, and binding of the calpains to calpastatin was compared with proteolytic activity of that calpain at each Ca2+ concentration. Unautolyzed m-calpain, autolyzed m-calpain, and autolyzed mu-calpain required… CONTINUE READING


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