Effect of Business Management Training on Financial Performance of Deposit Taking Saccos in Kenya

  title={Effect of Business Management Training on Financial Performance of Deposit Taking Saccos in Kenya},
  author={Ezra K. Ronoh and Njenga Gitahi Samson and Peter Berachesebe Kibas and Patrick Kibati},
Human Resources is the main asset for the organization or agency. Therefore there is a need for human resources who are knowledgeable, qualified, capable and competitive, so as to be able to develop or maintain the position of the organization/ agency in a competitive environment. Human resource factor is the prime mover of a business unit. Progress and success of a business is determined by the quality of human resources of the perpetrators of business. Managerial ability, leadership ability… 


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Generalized expectancies for internal versus external control of reinforcement.
  • J. Rotter
  • Psychology
    Psychological monographs
  • 1966
This report summarizes several experiments which define group differences in behavior when Ss perceive reinforcement as contingent on their behavior versus chance or experimenter control.