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Effect of Buffer Termination on Intermixing and Conductivity in LaTiO$_3$/SrTiO$_3$ Heterostructures Integrated on Si(100)

  title={Effect of Buffer Termination on Intermixing and Conductivity in LaTiO\$\_3\$/SrTiO\$\_3\$ Heterostructures Integrated on Si(100)},
  author={Tongjie Chen and Kamyar Ahmadi-Majlan and Zheng Hui Lim and Zhan Zhang and Joseph H.Ngai and Divine P. Kumah},
The control of chemical exchange across heterointerfaces formed between ultrathin functional transition-metal oxide layers provides an effective route to manipulate the electronic properties of these systems. We show that cationic exchange across the interface between the Mott insulator, LaTiO3(LTO) grown epitaxially on SrTiO3(STO)-buffered Silicon by molecular beam epitaxy depends strongly on the surface termination of the strained STO buffer. Using a combination of temperaturedependent… Expand

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