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Effect of Brand Pereffect of Brand Personality on Brand Loyalty in Companies' Microblogs

  title={Effect of Brand Pereffect of Brand Personality on Brand Loyalty in Companies' Microblogs},
  author={Kem Z. K. Zhang and Sasa Wang and Sesia J. Zhao},
Along with companies’ increasing engagement on microblogging sites, how to leverage the marketing potential of this kind of social platform remains an important concern for many marketers. [...] Key Result Our findings show that the four dimensions of brand personality, including sincerity, competence, excitement, and sophistication, have positive impacts on consumer satisfaction, which further increases consumers’ loyalty toward brands.Expand
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ABSTRAK Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengidentifikasi hubungan antara Brand Personality, Brand Experience, serta Self-Brand Connection pada Brand Loyalty suatu merek. Penelitian ini


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