Effect of Bias Sputtering Condition on Structure of LaNi5 Films

  title={Effect of Bias Sputtering Condition on Structure of LaNi5 Films},
  author={Kenta Nakakado and Makoto Ohtsuka and Yusuke Ayame and Kimio Itagaki},
Purification of hydrogen using a hydrogen storage alloy film has various advantages such as low operation energy and low costs of the equipment. However, because of the surface roughness of a substrate, the surface of the sputtered film was not smooth and had some pinholes. It was considered that use of a bias sputtering method might solve these problems. Hence, in this study, the influence of the bias power on the composition, microstructure and crystal structure of the LaNi5 sputtered film… CONTINUE READING


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200 crystal amorphous Bias Power, WB / W S pu tte r P ow er

J. Onuki, M. Nihei Mater Trans, JIM
  • 1995

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