Effect of BN 52256 and other mediator antagonists on ouabain-induced ventricular fibrillation in sensitized guinea-pigs and on ischemia-induced fibrillation in rats.

  title={Effect of BN 52256 and other mediator antagonists on ouabain-induced ventricular fibrillation in sensitized guinea-pigs and on ischemia-induced fibrillation in rats.},
  author={H. Mest and T. Rein and A. Riedel and W. K{\"o}pernik and C. Braquet},
  journal={Agents and actions. Supplements},
The threshold dose of ouabain necessary to induce ventricular fibrillation is decreased in sensitized guinea-pigs signalizing an enhanced arrhythmogenicity. Esculetine or WEB 2170 antagonists of histamine and PAF, respectively and especially a combination of both can increase the threshold dose of ouabain-induced fibrillation demonstrating an antiarrhythmic effect. BN 52256 a substance with multi-antagonistic properties shows antiarrhythmic effect in this method, too. WEB 2170 and BN 52256… Expand


Effect of BN 52021, a specific PAF-acether antagonist, on cardiac anaphylaxis in Langendorff hearts isolated from passively sensitized guinea-pigs.
Findings suggest that PAF-acether plays a major role as mediator in cardiac anaphylaxis, and BN 52021 may be a valuable therapeutic agent in allergic conditions. Expand
The effect of PAF (platelet-activating factor) on experimental cardiac arrhythmias and its inhibition by substances influencing arachidonic acid metabolites.
  • A. Riedel, H. Mest
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and medicine
  • 1987
The results suggest that PAF could play a role in cardiac arrhythmias under special conditions and it supports the hypothesis thatPAF action is mediated by the release of leukotrienes and thromboxane. Expand
The effect of the specific PAF antagonist BN 52021 and the calcium blocker diltiazem on PAF induced arrhythmogenicity.
Platelet-activating factor (PAF) in a concentration of 10(-11) mole per animal decreased the threshold doses for onsets of arrhythmia, ventricular flutters and fibrillation in ouabain inducedExpand
Ginkgolide B protects isolated hearts against arrhythmias induced by ischemia but not reperfusion.
The antiarrhythmic effect of BN 52021 appears to be related to an antagonism of an increase in slow calcium influx induced by PAF in myocardial cells, which can presumably prevent the re-entry mechanism involved in the development of ischemia-induced rhythm disturbances. Expand
The effects of PAF antagonists on arrhythmias and platelets during acute myocardial ischaemia and reperfusion.
The results suggest that PAF may contribute to ischaemia and reperfusion-induced arrhythmias by activating platelets. Expand
Nonimmunological production of leukotrienes induced by platelet-activating factor.
Findings help illuminate some of the deleterious effects that platelet-activating factor elicits in anaphylactic reactions and possibly in other forms of lung injury. Expand
Acetyl glyceryl ether phosphorylcholine (AGEPC). A putative mediator of cardiac anaphylaxis in the guinea pig.
The results of these studies document that, during anaphylaxis in the isolated guinea pig heart, a platelet-activating factor is released into the coronary effluent that has physicochemical and functional properties similar to those of acetyl glyceryl ether phosphorylcholine. Expand