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Effect of Applying a Modified Standard of Antenatal Care on Quality of Nursing Practices And Women ' s Satisfaction *

  title={Effect of Applying a Modified Standard of Antenatal Care on Quality of Nursing Practices And Women ' s Satisfaction *},
  author={Elsayed Sabry and Suzan El-Said Mansour and Nahed Fikry Hassan Khedr},
This study aimed to evaluate the effect of applying a modified standard of antenatal care on the quality of nursing practices and women's satisfaction. Design: A quasi experimental research design was used. Setting: This study was conducted at antenatal clinics at the obstetrics and gynecology center in Mansoura University Hospital, Egypt. Subjects: The study subjects included all nurses working at the antenatal clinic (20 nurses) and a purposive sample consisted of 180 pregnant women selected… Expand


Analysis of knowledge and attitude regarding antenatal examination among nursing students in Sikkim - a descriptive co-relational study -
A majority of nursing students demonstrated inadequate knowledge but had favorable attitude towards antenatal examination, as nurses are the major health care providers in community settings if their knowledge is enhanced it can contribute effectively to achieve the goal in reduction of maternal and infant mortality rate. Expand
Egyptian Women’s Satisfaction and Perception of Antenatal Care.
The majority of the females was satisfied by the quality of care and reported the perception of ANC components however; low satisfaction with health education components indicates a need for strategies to improve this important aspect of care. Expand
The level of patients' satisfaction and perception on quality of nursing services in the Renal unit, Kenyatta National Hospital Nairobi, Kenya
The results of the study revealed that patients in the Renal unit were generally satisfied with the nursing services and showed that there was no association between demographic characteristics with the levels of satisfaction with the Nursing services. Expand
Women's attitude to group prenatal care and their satisfaction.
The high satisfaction level suggests good quality of care is being provided by the centres concerned, and most of the mothers had a positive attitude towards the concept and practice of group prenatal care. Expand
Effect of an Educational Program on Improving Quality of Nursing Care of Patients with Thalassemia Major as Regards Blood Transfusion
The educational program had a positive effect on nurses' knowledge and practice related to thalassemia and blood transfusion, which improved quality of nursing care as well as increased patients' satisfaction. Expand
Quality of Antenatal Care Services at Family Health Units in Alexandria
Overall satisfaction of antenatal care is high, although health providers did not follow proper management of the antenatal Care service, according to a cross sectional study carried out in seven family health units in Alexandria. Expand
Enhancing focused antenatal care in Ghana: An exploration into perceptions of practicing midwives
It is clear that the midwives in this study perceived FANC positive, and FANC contributes to the quality of ANC delivery and subsequent improvement in the health status of pregnant women in Ghana. Expand
Clients' knowledge, perception and satisfaction with quality of maternal health care services at the primary health care level in Nnewi, Nigeria.
This study showed that client's knowledge of quality of services was good and cost, local language used, staff attitude and interaction with clients was acceptable and may be the reason for high level of satisfaction reported. Expand
Women's perceptions of antenatal, delivery, and postpartum services in rural Tanzania
Mothers perceived that maternal health services are beneficial during pregnancy and delivery, but their awareness of postpartum complications and the role of medical services during that stage were poor, and an ambivalence regarding the perceived quality of health care services offered was revealed. Expand
Dimensions of quality of antenatal care service at Suez, Egypt
The present study shows that client satisfaction, physicians' satisfaction and auditing of medical record represent an idea about opportunities for improvement in antenatal care in urban Suez Governorate, Egypt. Expand