Effect of Allium Cepa Supplemented Diets on Plasma Glucose, Electrolytes and Renal Histology of Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats

  title={Effect of Allium Cepa Supplemented Diets on Plasma Glucose, Electrolytes and Renal Histology of Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats},
  author={Iosr Journals and Olubunmi Gloria Ayelagbe and Adeyemi S. Adele},
Allium cepa (onion) contains phytochemicals that are anti-diabetic. The anti-hyperglycemic benefits of onion and its possible effects in alleviating deleterious histological changes in kidney of streptozotocin (STZ)- induced diabetic mice was studied. 20 wistar rats were grouped into 4; A: was intraperitoneally administered a single dose of STZ in NaCl (60mg/kg body weight(BW)) + 2ml onion juice 100gBW/day), B: injected with a single dose of STZ; while groups C and D served as negative and… 

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