Effect of Alkali Metal Impurities on Co–Re Catalysts for Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis from Biomass-Derived Syngas

  title={Effect of Alkali Metal Impurities on Co–Re Catalysts for Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis from Biomass-Derived Syngas},
  author={Christine M. Balonek and Andreas Helland Lilleb{\o} and Shreyas Rane and Erling Rytter and Lanny D. Schmidt and Anders Holmen},
  journal={Catalysis Letters},
The effect of alkali impurities on Co-based Fischer–Tropsch (FT) catalysts is important for processing biomass-derived synthesis gas containing inorganic ash impurities. The effects of Na, K, Li, and Ca impurities on γ-Al2O3-supported Co–Re powder catalysts were studied at impurity loadings between 25 and 1,000 ppm. Impurity addition did not have any effect on H2 chemisorption, but the catalyst activity decreased during FT synthesis experiments. The impurities were also found to slightly… 

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