Effect Of Chilled Cabbage Leaves Vs.Hot Compression On Brest Engorgement Among Post Natal Mothers Admitted In A Tertiary Care Hospital.

  title={Effect Of Chilled Cabbage Leaves Vs.Hot Compression On Brest Engorgement Among Post Natal Mothers Admitted In A Tertiary Care Hospital.},
  author={Disha Disha and Avinash kaur Rana and Amarjeet Kaur and Vanita Suri},

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Fenugreek seed poultice versus cold cabbage leaves compresses for relieving breast engorgement: An interventional comparative study

A significant improvement of breast condition after intervention for both groups regardless of the applied measure was found; however, the improvement was better and shorter time among Fenugreek group than Cabbage group ( p < .05).


It could be concluded that both TENS and ultrasound are useful for painful breast engorgement, and results supported that there is no significant difference between ultrasound and TENS along with conventional treatment in postnatal painful breast Engorgement.

The Effectiveness of Cabbage Leaf Compress and the Education of Lactation Management in Reducing Breast Engorgement in Postpartum

This intervention can be used as an alternative intervention to solve the breast engorgement problem in postpartum women, especially for a developing country like Indonesia, because the cabbage leaf is cheap and easy to get in the traditional market.

Self-Care Practices of Primipara Women Regarding Breast Engorgement

There was poor knowledge, as well as unsatisfactory level of self -care practices regarding breast engorgement among primipara post-natal women.

Comparison of the Herbal Care Package and Breast Care Method On Volume Of Breast Milk Among Postpartum Mothers With Breast Engorgement

Herbal care package can increase volume of breast milk than breastcare, and combination of two non pharmacology methods will be more effective to reduce breast pain and increaseVolume of breastmilk.

Comparing warm compresses application vs. chilled cabbage leaves for relieving breast engorgement among post-natal mothers

Chilled cabbage leaves are effective in the treatment of breast engorgement and pain than warm compresses, and the mothers should be advised to use chilled cabbage leaves as a home remedy to minimize breast engorment and promote comfort.

A Quasi-experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Chilled Cabbage Leaves on Breast Engorgement among Postnatal Mothers Admitted in a Selected Hospital of Delhi

The findings of the study showed that there was no significant difference between the experimental and control group with regard to pre-treatment scores of breast engorgement, and routine care, i.e., warm compress, was found to be more effective than chilled cabbage leaves in reducing breastEngorgement in postnatal mothers.

Effect of two different nursing care approaches on reduction of breast engorgement among postnatal women

An application of cold cabbage leaves and warm compresses are effective for relieving breast engorgement but the cold cabbage group was improved regarding symptoms and levels of engorgements better than the warm compressing group.



Observations Based Upon Multiple Telephone Contacts with New Breastfeeding Mothers

  • N. Lee
  • Medicine
    Journal of human lactation : official journal of International Lactation Consultant Association
  • 1997
The majority of women had no problems establishing breastfeeding with daily telephone contact for the first 5-7 days postpartum, one to three calls per week for the next few weeks, and gradually diminishing calls thereafter.

Breast binding... is it all that it's wrapped up to be?

  • Kathy SwiftJ. Janke
  • Medicine
    Journal of obstetric, gynecologic, and neonatal nursing : JOGNN
  • 2003
Breast binding should be discontinued as a method of lactation suppression and use of support bras encouraged and future studies need to focus on comfort for nonbreastfeeding, postpartum mothers.

A comparison of four treatments to prevent and control breast pain and engorgement in nonnursing mothers.

Women receiving bromocriptine mesylate experienced less breast engorgement, pain, and leaking of colostrum and milk than did women in any of the nonpharmacologic treatment groups (P less than or equal to .05).

A Comparison of Cabbage Leaves vs. Hot and Cold Compresses in the Treatment of Breast Engorgement

  • S. AroraM. VatsaV. Dadhwal
  • Medicine
    Indian journal of community medicine : official publication of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine
  • 2008
Cold cabbage leaves as well as alternate hot andcold compresses both can be used in the treatment of breast engorgement and hot and cold compresses are more effective in decreasing pain than cold cabbage leaves in relieving pan due to breast engoring.

The Occurrence of Breast Engorgement

  • P. HillS. Humenick
  • Medicine
    Journal of human lactation : official journal of International Lactation Consultant Association
  • 1994
First and second time vaginal- and cesarean-delivery breastfeeding mothers report experiencing their most intense engorgement after hospital discharge, and anticipatory guidance by the care provider is discussed in an effort to enhance the experience of the breastfeeding dyad.

A Comparison of Chilled and Room Temperature Cabbage Leaves in Treating Breast Engorgement

It is concluded that it is not necessary to chill cabbage leaves before use in reducing the discomfort of breast engorgement in postpartum mothers.

Treatments for breast engorgement during lactation.

The objective of this update is to seek new information on the best forms of treatment for breast engorgement in lactating women and to assess the quality of the evidence using the GRADE approach.