Eff ect of Density-Driven Advecti on on Trichloroethylene Vapor Diff usion in a Porous Medium

  title={Eff ect of Density-Driven Advecti on on Trichloroethylene Vapor Diff usion in a Porous Medium},
  author={Solenn Cotel and Gerhard Sch{\"a}fer and V{\'e}ronique Barth{\`e}s and Patrick Baussand},
To quanti fy the verti cal diff usive mass transfer of trichloroethylene (TCE) in a low watersaturated porous medium, diff usion experiments were conducted in soil columns using a medium-size quartz sand at two diff erent water saturati ons; namely, completely dry and at irreducible water saturati on. Advecti ve transport of TCE vapors was mainly generated by density gradients in the soil gas during diff usion of TCE vapors in the verti cal directi on. The maximum stati onary TCE vapor… CONTINUE READING


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