• Biology
  • Published 2012

Efeito da atmosfera no comportamento PTCR de cerâmicas de Ba0,77Ca0,23TiO3 dopadas com Y3+

  title={Efeito da atmosfera no comportamento PTCR de cer{\^a}micas de Ba0,77Ca0,23TiO3 dopadas com Y3+},
  author={Juliana Coelho Santos and R. S. Silva},
Ceramics materials presenting positive coefficient of resistance with temperature (PTCR) based on BaTiO3 are widely applied in electronic industry as thermistor devices. In this work, we have studied the synthesis, sintering and electrical characterization of the barium calcium titanate ceramics (Ba0. 77Ca0.23TiO3 - BCT) doped with 0.3 mol% of Y3+ in order to study of PTCR behavior. The powder synthesis was performed by the polymeric precursor method and sintered in electric oven at controlled… CONTINUE READING