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Efecto tóxico del ibuprofeno y meloxicam en la estructura histológica de testículos y calidad seminal de ratas albinas (Rattus norvegicus) variedad Sprague Dawley

  title={Efecto t{\'o}xico del ibuprofeno y meloxicam en la estructura histol{\'o}gica de test{\'i}culos y calidad seminal de ratas albinas (Rattus norvegicus) variedad Sprague Dawley},
  author={E C{\'a}ceres Cabana and A. Rond{\'o}n Al{\'i} and G. Del Carpio Tejada and A. Arenazas Rodriguez and W. Colque Rond{\'o}n and Z. C{\'a}ceres Cabana},
espanolSe evaluo el efecto toxico del ibuprofeno y meloxicam en la estructura histologica del testiculo y calidad seminal de ratas albinas (Rattus norvegicus) variedad Sprague Dawley. Se utilizaron 18 ratas machos de 250 a 300 gramos de peso corporal y de 5 meses de edad, asignados en 3 grupos: grupo 1 control, grupo 2 con una dosis de 120 mg·kg⁻¹·dia⁻¹ de ibuprofeno, grupo 3 con una dosis de 1 mg·kg⁻¹·dia⁻¹ de meloxicam. Las tabletas de ibuprofeno y meloxicam se diluyeron en agua destilada… 



Ibuprofen results in alterations of human fetal testis development

It is concluded that, at concentrations relevant to human exposure and within a particular narrow ‘early window’ of sensitivity within first trimester, ibuprofen causes direct endocrine disturbances in the human fetal testis and alteration of the germ cell biology.

Ibuprofen alters human testicular physiology to produce a state of compensated hypogonadism

The study shows that ibuprofen use results in selective transcriptional repression of endocrine cells in the human testis, resulting in a state of compensated hypogonadism, a disorder associated with adverse reproductive and physical health disorders.

Comparison of Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Meloxicam Gel with Diclofenac and Piroxicam Gels in Animal Models: Pharmacokinetic Parameters after Topical Application

Topical preparation of meloxicam could be an effective alternative to diclofenac and piroxicam gels in inflammatory conditions and its associated pain with the possibility of less systemic side-effects.

Effect of Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs on Fracture Healing: A Laboratory Study in Rats

It is suggested that NSAIDs have an inhibitory effect on fracture repair that is reversible after cessation of indomethacin but not ibuprofen, and this effect is noticeable earlier than the difference found by mechanical testing of bone.


  • G Stutz, A. C. Martini, R. D. Ruiz, M. Fiol De CuneoL. Muñoz
  • Biology, Medicine
    Archives of andrology
  • 2000
Results are well supported by the low doses assayed, which are equivalent to the content of one tablet commercially available for each compound.

Evaluation of the reproductive toxicity of naproxen sodium and meloxicam in male rats

Noonroxen sodium and meloxicam decreased the sperm count and motility and also induced the damage of seminiferous tubules as a direct effect without affecting plasma hormone levels in male rats in this study.

Early and late effects of Ibuprofen on mouse sperm parameters, chromatin condensation, and DNA integrity in mice

Ibuprofen may cause a significant reduction in sperm parameters and sperm chromatin/DNA integrity in mice and these deleterious effects are dose-dependent and can be seen in early and late stage of drug treatments.

Predictability of the clinical potency of NSAIDs from the preclinical pharmacodynamics in rats

The analysis suggested that the pain and adjuvant arthritis models in rats may also involve a prostaglandin independent mechanism, and acid dissociation constant appears to be a secondary contributor to the potency of NSAIDs.

Effects of some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) on steroidogenesis in rat and porcine testis.

It was shown that the 5-ene-3 beta-hydroxy- and the 4-en-3-oxosteroid pathways for androgen biosynthesis were operating in both species, although the former pathway appeared to be more important in porcine testis.