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Efecto del riego en la fluctuación poblacional del ácaro del tomate (Aculops lycopersici massee)

  title={Efecto del riego en la fluctuaci{\'o}n poblacional del {\'a}caro del tomate (Aculops lycopersici massee)},
  author={Moreno Galv{\'a}n and Thomas M. Perring and G Zarate de Lara and Celina Llanderal C{\'a}zares},
Plant-Mediated Effects of Water Deficit on the Performance of Tetranychus evansi on Tomato Drought-Adapted Accessions
A positive link between the induction of soluble carbohydrates and amino acids used by the plant for osmotic adjustment and mite performance is indicated and provides an experimental framework for screening drought-tolerant tomato accessions that will be also resistant to herbivore mites.
Drought-stressed tomato plants trigger bottom-up effects on key mite pests
Los datos obtenidos revelan that the sequia favorece el desarrollo de T. evansi en plantas de tomate, y la induccion de inhibidores de proteasa (IPs) fue superior en planta infestadas con acaros TNA que en aquellas infestada con TA.
The impact of eriophyoids on crops: recent issues on Aculus schlechtendali, Calepitrimerus vitis and Aculops lycopersici
Three eriophyoid mites that have been frequently reported in recent research are here considered as case studies and the damage assessment related to the apple rust mite has been evaluated on different apple varieties with implications for pest control.
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