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Efecto de la luz y de la escarificación en la germinación de las semillas de cinco especies de árboles tropicales secundarios

  title={Efecto de la luz y de la escarificaci{\'o}n en la germinaci{\'o}n de las semillas de cinco especies de {\'a}rboles tropicales secundarios},
  author={Pablo I. Acu{\~n}a and Nancy C. Garwood},
  • Pablo I. Acuña, Nancy C. Garwood
  • Published 2016
  • Biology
  • We studied the effect of light and scarification of the seed coat on the germination of seeds of five tree species which are characteristic of secondary growth: Apeiba membranacea , A. tibourbou , Luehea seemannii , Trichospermum mexicanum and Guazuma ulmnifolia . The seeds were scarified in sulfuric acid or hot water for 2 or 10 minutes, then germinated in a screened growing house in sunlight and shade. The seeds were not light sensitive. In the controls, germination was very low in both light… CONTINUE READING

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